Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Best Birthday Party!!!

This was Anndi's 5th birthday party. But I came across the pictures and thought it would be fun to share. Anndi loves to color and paint. So she had decided she wanted an art birthday party. I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest, that I ended up doing for her birthday. 
I bought all of the canvases, aprons and paint from +Hobby Lobby , and then found the fun painter pallets at +Walmart  for super cheap.

 I cleared out the kitchen, then just leaned the canvases along the walls, so that each child could pick one. Once they where settled at there canvas, I took a variety of the paint I had  bought ( which was washable) and put it in their paint pallets. Since it was not a very big party, I bought aprons for each child. Once the paint was handed out and the paint brushes, the fun part started. 

After the kids where done painting I placed a name tag in the front of their paintings and then left them to dry. During that time we opened presents and did cake and ice cream. Then before I new it, the parents started to show up. All the kids got to take their paintings home, along with their apron. 

The kids had a blast! Mom was thrilled because not only was the clean up super easy, the supplies,cost way less than other birthday parties my kids have had. 


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