Monday, June 10, 2013

T-Shirt Make Over

I got this fun blue T-shirt from one of my all time favorite store, +Dollar Tree . I decided to spice it up some so that is what I did :) The instructions are pretty simple, if you have questions or would like to know more about what I did, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

For this T-shirt make over the supplies I used where:

1. T-shirt ( mine came from +Dollar Tree , but any t-shirt will work) 
2. My sewing machine
3. Elastic thread and a matching color thread
4. Basic sewing supplies

- I started out by laying the shirt flat, on the cutting table. From there I decided where I wanted the shirring to go, and marked it out with a ruler, to make sure I stayed on track :) I only did two rows of shirring, but that is a personal preference. 

- Took the t-shirt to my machine, where I had set it up so I could add the shirring. I made my two rows and tied off the elastic. Then steamed the elastic part under the iron to help give it that shrinking effect.  

*If you have never shirred before, I am working on getting a live tutorial of some of the techniques I use, so it can be used as a guide. 

- Once I had that done. I marked where I wanted to cut off some of the sleeve. Then chopped that excess off, turned the edge of the sleeve about 1/2 inch in, to make the hem. On this shirt I decided I wanted to do a  little fun detail. So I used an off thread, that did not match and instead of doing a regular straight stitch or using a cover stitch/Twin needle. I set my machine to zig-zag and hemmed it that way. 

- I left the neck as is, because I had ordered awhile back ago from +GroopDealz Megan this fun bow tie necklace. But I have not worn it yet, because I felt it needed to be worn with a higher neckline. So this was the perfect time! 

I hope you find the t-shirt make over as cute as I do. Again please leave comments if you have questions or just want to comment :) 



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