Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cake Pops ( Maybe....)

So my oldest daughter and I decided we wanted to try our hand in making cake pops. We where sitting there with this fun book thinking " how hard could this be?"
So the next day we went shopping for all the supplies it called for and came home to prepare. We followed the instructions step by step, measuring the right amount ( which for those of you who know me I never measure) putting the sticks in how the book instructed, etc...

So by this point they are looking good and we had no problems. Well it came time to cover them with the frosting! 
We read how to prep the frosting so it would work on the pops, and did as the book instructed. BUT every time we would pick one up and dip it in the frosting, the cake ball would fall off the stick!!! It was the funniest thing ever. Here we are thinking this was going to be super easy, that will be the last time I assume. 

After about 15 minutes of laughing and trying to get the balls to stay on the stick. I finally decided to mess  around with one that was already a goner, to see if I could jimmy rig the ball and frosting to make it stay LOL  after a couple times, I was able to FINALLY get those dang balls to stay. 

 Since this is my first post after being gone so long, I thought I would share a cute project I did with my girls. 
I am defiantly going to attack the cake pop balls again soon!! I need to show them who is BOSS :)  

See you soon,

And as always please feel free to comment and share your stories, or tricks. I love to read what everybody has to say :) 

Monday, June 17, 2013


I am so excited right now!! As many of you know I am a Pinterest freak. The reason behind this is because I draw so much of my own ideas and inspirations, from the other posts. It may be the color of a post, the shape, the object or even the subject. Well being a Pinterest freak paid off, because I was recognized by the blog and the master mind behind the blog +Michele McDonald from +The Scrap Shoppe  for having a great Pinterest site. I  was elated to see that My Newfangledness grab button up on The Scrap Shoppe blog page, along with some of my boards and pins and topping it all off, was the very kind things Michele wrote about my Pinterest page. 

I feel overcome with joy right now, that I have the chance to turn my dreams and passions into a reality. I look forward to keep growing, learning and inspiring others. :) Much Love!! 

Cassi   here is the link that you can follow to see some of my stuff as well as being able to check out Michele's blog :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The story of my Dad

I feel so very lucky to have such great men in my life. But there is one man today that I want to talk about, and share a story with everybody. 
When I was 4 years old my father died in a tragic plan accident, leaving behind myself ( the oldest, my sister+Cara Jones who was around 2, and my brother +Rob Charlesworth who was 5 months old) and of course my mother. It was a struggle and a hard time for all. My daddy Allen ( as I call him) was a very loved and very likable person, to all. But us three kids did not get to experience that man unfortunately. I know there will be a day I will get to know my daddy Allen. But because of this tragedy, I was blessed to have another great man brought into my life.  

A few years after the death of my daddy Allen, my mom meet this amazing man, Timothy Hoby Gall aka Hoby ( he likes going by his middle name). You may ask why he is so amazing to me? and here is why. My Dad ( Hoby) fell in love with my mother and despite the fact that she had already been married and had three kids. This 30 year old bachelor, who had never been married, did not have any kids. Loved my mom so much that he took us all on, with open arms.
My dad and I have always had our ups and downs, like most kids and their parents. But he never gave up and never stopped trying to be the best dad.

I actually think it grew on him, because my parents added two more to the family. My brother Tyler ( he is the one on the left, Rob is the one on the right). And...

 My sister +Rylie Gall ( she is on the left, and my sister Cara is on the right). These two and the other two  have brought joy to my life and I could never imagine my life without them.

This amazing man raised me, he taught me many life lessons, he developed memories for me that I will always cherish. Some of those include, letting us stay up and in line for the midnight showing of Jurassic Park, waking us older kids up at 1 a.m. because he reached bowser on Mario brothers and he wanted us to be able to watch and celebrate with him after he won. Driving me to my friends house and the "I Like Big Butts" song came on, and he turns the radio way up and sings along. Pulling up in his Cadillac he just purchased and had us get in, and we went to an empty lot and did donuts in the car. Convincing my mom that I was old enough at 13 to watch "Braveheart" with them, because it had educational value to it :) the list could go on.

But with all of this fun and silly stuff, he also taught us to be responsible, not to judge others, to be respectful. The one thing he taught me that I will forever be grateful for is to just be honest. That I could make the choice to lie and get in huge trouble when the truth came out, or to just be honest and pay the consequences and get in less trouble. I always called him the human lie detector :) but it is a trait that he possesses, that I value and have carried it over into my little family.
Some people say a parent will always love their child no matter what happens, through good and bad. Well I can say that not only is that true for myself. But myself and my siblings who are not his flesh and blood have been able to experience that deep and loving bond, with my dad. In my eyes he is not a step-father to me, he is my father. I love and cherish him as much as I love and cherish my daddy Allen. He is my hero and a great example that good things can happen in someones life, when there feels like there is no hope.  

My Dad and My oldest Daughter Kamryn 

My Dad and Grandpa Ayers with my little one Anndi ( who is a Grandpa's girl) 

                                  My Mom and Dad with my Middle daughter Hadley after her baptism.

                           I love you Dad! and look forward to making many more memories. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picking A New Winner!!

Well as I stated in a Facebook post, I have not been able to get a hold of the lucky person who won the FREE  +Spartan Race  code. So as promised I am going to enter everyone in again and draw another name. I am posting this post on the My Newfangledness blog and the other social networking sites tonight. I am going to give anybody that wants their name entered into the raffle, tonight and tomorrow to get back in the action. I will then have the results posted by either Monday evening of 6/17 or the morning of Tuesday 6/18. 

Again this code is good for ANY Spartan Race that the winner chooses. Plus don't forget I have a link to share with all that area interested that can get you 15% off any Spartan Race of your choice as well. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity and please feel free to share with any family and friends.  

I will be posting this same thing on Facebook and Twitter. I had a great response on Facebook because of this giveaway, but only the people that left the comments on the blog got entered. So I would like to give them the chance to do that as well. Please make sure I have a link to your blog, Facebook page, email or whatever. So that if you are the lucky winner, you will not miss out :)

Thanks Again,


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Best Birthday Party!!!

This was Anndi's 5th birthday party. But I came across the pictures and thought it would be fun to share. Anndi loves to color and paint. So she had decided she wanted an art birthday party. I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest, that I ended up doing for her birthday. 
I bought all of the canvases, aprons and paint from +Hobby Lobby , and then found the fun painter pallets at +Walmart  for super cheap.

 I cleared out the kitchen, then just leaned the canvases along the walls, so that each child could pick one. Once they where settled at there canvas, I took a variety of the paint I had  bought ( which was washable) and put it in their paint pallets. Since it was not a very big party, I bought aprons for each child. Once the paint was handed out and the paint brushes, the fun part started. 

After the kids where done painting I placed a name tag in the front of their paintings and then left them to dry. During that time we opened presents and did cake and ice cream. Then before I new it, the parents started to show up. All the kids got to take their paintings home, along with their apron. 

The kids had a blast! Mom was thrilled because not only was the clean up super easy, the supplies,cost way less than other birthday parties my kids have had. 


Monday, June 10, 2013

T-Shirt Make Over

I got this fun blue T-shirt from one of my all time favorite store, +Dollar Tree . I decided to spice it up some so that is what I did :) The instructions are pretty simple, if you have questions or would like to know more about what I did, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

For this T-shirt make over the supplies I used where:

1. T-shirt ( mine came from +Dollar Tree , but any t-shirt will work) 
2. My sewing machine
3. Elastic thread and a matching color thread
4. Basic sewing supplies

- I started out by laying the shirt flat, on the cutting table. From there I decided where I wanted the shirring to go, and marked it out with a ruler, to make sure I stayed on track :) I only did two rows of shirring, but that is a personal preference. 

- Took the t-shirt to my machine, where I had set it up so I could add the shirring. I made my two rows and tied off the elastic. Then steamed the elastic part under the iron to help give it that shrinking effect.  

*If you have never shirred before, I am working on getting a live tutorial of some of the techniques I use, so it can be used as a guide. 

- Once I had that done. I marked where I wanted to cut off some of the sleeve. Then chopped that excess off, turned the edge of the sleeve about 1/2 inch in, to make the hem. On this shirt I decided I wanted to do a  little fun detail. So I used an off thread, that did not match and instead of doing a regular straight stitch or using a cover stitch/Twin needle. I set my machine to zig-zag and hemmed it that way. 

- I left the neck as is, because I had ordered awhile back ago from +GroopDealz Megan this fun bow tie necklace. But I have not worn it yet, because I felt it needed to be worn with a higher neckline. So this was the perfect time! 

I hope you find the t-shirt make over as cute as I do. Again please leave comments if you have questions or just want to comment :) 



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Spartan Free Race Code Winner is...

hdawgy!! Congratulations and thank you for showing your support to My Newfangledness  and also to the +Spartan Race  and the inspirations they set for people.

Not only have they offered to sponsor this giveaway of the free race code. But they have given me a link to share, that will give 15% off any Spartan Race. Anybody that is interested, just start following the My Newfangledness blog and leave a comment under the most recent post that you are following and an email that I can send you the link :) Spread the word as well to friends and family about My Newfangledness blog and my blog URL  so they can check it out and if they follow same applies to them and the race code.

This giveaway would have never happened if it was not for Dan Krueger from the +Spartan Race who trusted me to help spread the word about these amazing races. Please click on the Spartan Race link that I have added in this post, and explore their site. These are not only races, but they are very inspiring.
I know that My Newfangledness leans more on the DIY/Craft side. But there is one big goal I have and that is to inspire others, in anyway. Spartan inspires me and my family, and I wanted to share that with everybody out there. I am very honored that they asked me to help spread the word for them, and would do it again in a heart beat. This quote in the picture says it all, and reminds me that in this world of blogging and shooting to have my own business. That if I do not prepare myself for the ups and downs of how to make it all work, then I will fail. 

My husband and three girls will be running again in another race in Utah. So in a month or so, I hope to share their experience with everybody, but to also share stories of the others.