Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Spartan Free Race Code Winner is...

hdawgy!! Congratulations and thank you for showing your support to My Newfangledness  and also to the +Spartan Race  and the inspirations they set for people.

Not only have they offered to sponsor this giveaway of the free race code. But they have given me a link to share, that will give 15% off any Spartan Race. Anybody that is interested, just start following the My Newfangledness blog and leave a comment under the most recent post that you are following and an email that I can send you the link :) Spread the word as well to friends and family about My Newfangledness blog and my blog URL  http://mynewfangledness.blogspot.com  so they can check it out and if they follow same applies to them and the race code.

This giveaway would have never happened if it was not for Dan Krueger from the +Spartan Race who trusted me to help spread the word about these amazing races. Please click on the Spartan Race link that I have added in this post, and explore their site. These are not only races, but they are very inspiring.
I know that My Newfangledness leans more on the DIY/Craft side. But there is one big goal I have and that is to inspire others, in anyway. Spartan inspires me and my family, and I wanted to share that with everybody out there. I am very honored that they asked me to help spread the word for them, and would do it again in a heart beat. This quote in the picture says it all, and reminds me that in this world of blogging and shooting to have my own business. That if I do not prepare myself for the ups and downs of how to make it all work, then I will fail. 

My husband and three girls will be running again in another race in Utah. So in a month or so, I hope to share their experience with everybody, but to also share stories of the others. 


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