Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sewing Went Wrong!!

Well I just had to blog about my fun adventure last night, instead of what I was going to post :) 

I have three girls and they like to be a little snooty to each other sometimes. Well yesterday afternoon was one of those times.
I was sitting peacefully at my sewing machine working on some curtains, when they decided that it was going to be a snooty day. My oldest daughter walks in where I was and was telling me what her younger sister was doing ( that she felt was not right). So as I keep sewing ( because I wanted these curtains done, I know everyone has those feelings) I started to talk to her about leaving her sister alone and going into another room, when all of a sudden I notice my left pointer finger is under my sewing machine needle and it was piercing my skin. I pulled my finger back ( but of course it was too late) and the machine needle snapped and broke. I saw a little piece fly out so I figured as my finger was bleeding that it just punctured it. I went into the kitchen and got the bleeding to stop, and that is when I realized that piece I saw flying was not the whole piece that broke off. Here is where the rest was:

Yes! I had some of my needle in my finger! The tip of the needle had just barely broke through the skin. In a state of shock I had my oldest daughter call my husband ( who thinks he is the jack of all trades, but I still love him) to see what he thought I should do, he asked me to send a picture so I did and then he said he would call back. While I was awaiting his call, I called my PCP and he told me to go to the ER. I didn't want to go and pay the copay, so instead I let me husband ( who is home now) and his friend, play McGuyver on and me to see if they could pull it out. Very Bad Idea!! they pulled it out to this point:

That is when I started to feel a little sick to my stomach and wanting to pass out because they could not get a good enough grip on it to pull it out fast. So I endured about 45 min. of these two manly men telling me to stick it out, while they tugged away. I finally looked about my husband and said "stop now, I am going to the ER". We went they did x-rays to make sure it was not in the bone, then they injected my finger with lytacane ( which did not feel good either) after about 15-20 min when my finger was nice and numb and fat, the P.A. came in and pulled it out real fast at that was it. 

                                                                     Fat Finger
The Needle on top is a regular machine needle, and the one on bottom is the one that broke. The whole top part of that needle was in side my finger :)

So Ladies and Gentleman, the moral of this story is Don't talk & Sew and don't let someone play McGuyver on you :) 

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