Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filing Cabinet Make-over

I wanted to get rid of this filing cabinet when we moved into this house, but my husband was being stubborn about it. So we came to an agreement that we would keep it, only if I could spray paint it to look fun :)




 1. I used 2 colors of spray paint, but if you would rather have it one color, go for it! When you are getting your colored spray paint, it is important that you get a sealer or finishing spray paint as well, this will be sprayed on after you put the color on.( As a side note my filing cabinet took a whole can of the green plus a little extra of another can. So keep that in mind when you are shopping).

2.I pulled out the drawers and wiped it all down. I new that I was going to coat each piece in those two colors, so I did not bother taping anything off.

3. The fun step! Spray away giving each area of the body and drawers even coats, to help prevent dripping. Once you have sprayed everywhere you want and feel that the color coat is even. Then this is where the sealer comes in. I forgot to mention that the sealer is in the same kind of can as spray paint. Shake it up and then spray over the top of the painted surface. Let it dry and you are done :)

I love spray paint because it can help a craft or project in many different ways. Something super simple as my filing cabinet all the way to spray painting a bigger item. My personal preference to shop for spray paint is  Lowe's, I have found their prices are the lowest and the big plus is that if you add yourself to their system, it will remember what colors you bought as well as anything else you buy. To find the store near you go to their web page www.lowes.com

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