Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cake Pops ( Maybe....)

So my oldest daughter and I decided we wanted to try our hand in making cake pops. We where sitting there with this fun book thinking " how hard could this be?"
So the next day we went shopping for all the supplies it called for and came home to prepare. We followed the instructions step by step, measuring the right amount ( which for those of you who know me I never measure) putting the sticks in how the book instructed, etc...

So by this point they are looking good and we had no problems. Well it came time to cover them with the frosting! 
We read how to prep the frosting so it would work on the pops, and did as the book instructed. BUT every time we would pick one up and dip it in the frosting, the cake ball would fall off the stick!!! It was the funniest thing ever. Here we are thinking this was going to be super easy, that will be the last time I assume. 

After about 15 minutes of laughing and trying to get the balls to stay on the stick. I finally decided to mess  around with one that was already a goner, to see if I could jimmy rig the ball and frosting to make it stay LOL  after a couple times, I was able to FINALLY get those dang balls to stay. 

 Since this is my first post after being gone so long, I thought I would share a cute project I did with my girls. 
I am defiantly going to attack the cake pop balls again soon!! I need to show them who is BOSS :)  

See you soon,

And as always please feel free to comment and share your stories, or tricks. I love to read what everybody has to say :) 

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