Monday, June 17, 2013


I am so excited right now!! As many of you know I am a Pinterest freak. The reason behind this is because I draw so much of my own ideas and inspirations, from the other posts. It may be the color of a post, the shape, the object or even the subject. Well being a Pinterest freak paid off, because I was recognized by the blog and the master mind behind the blog +Michele McDonald from +The Scrap Shoppe  for having a great Pinterest site. I  was elated to see that My Newfangledness grab button up on The Scrap Shoppe blog page, along with some of my boards and pins and topping it all off, was the very kind things Michele wrote about my Pinterest page. 

I feel overcome with joy right now, that I have the chance to turn my dreams and passions into a reality. I look forward to keep growing, learning and inspiring others. :) Much Love!! 

Cassi   here is the link that you can follow to see some of my stuff as well as being able to check out Michele's blog :)

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