Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Prayers Continue

Not just one tragedy in Phoenix, but two.
In a well known movie "end of watch" officer Brian Taylor (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) quotes to his fellow officer and best friend Mike Zavala (played by Michael Pena) "you feel like a hero?" Officer Zavala then replied after being asked a second time the same question,  "No".

My point of adding this in my post, is because I ask my husband the same thing. I ask his fellow officers and our friends in the Fire department,  the same thing. The response I always receive is the same as officer Zavala "no".
These men and women do not go out on the job searching to become a hero. They go out to serve the communities they work in.
Even though they do not see their actions as heroic, I do.  My love and prayers go out to the families of those involved last night.

Mormon 9:13
"Yea, this is wherein all men are redeemed, because the death of Christ bringeth to pass the resurrection, which bringeth to pass a redemption from an endless sleep, from which sleep all men shall be awakened by the power of God when the trump shall sound."

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