Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Do Not Cook

Ok for those of you that know me, you know that I really do not enjoy cooking. Well one of my goal for this year was to step up and find recipes and food that I may enjoy cooking and trying. So that is what I have been doing ( by no means have my old ways totally left me yet).
Well I found this recipe on pinterest ( of course ) that looked and sounded amazing and I was so excited to try it out, and that is what I did.

I think on Pinterest they called it the chicken salsa burritos. Their recipe had some other things that they cooked the chicken in, but because my family is trying to cut back on creamed soup I did not add that.

1. I got my slow cooker out and added about 4 or 5 chicken tenderloins ( I could have added more) totally frozen.
2. I then just poured a 24oz can of salsa over the chicken.
I love this salsa from Fry's here in AZ, so this is what I used. With the salsa I added some dried onion flakes and some garlic salt ( you can never have a meal with out garlic, I learned that from my mom).
3. I put the lid on and just let it cook. We got ours started late probably about 4p.m. so I cooked it on high, but the chicken was soft and falling apart by about 6:30. So I guess whatever you feel you want to cook it at, GO FOR IT!! like I said you just want the chicken tender enough to fall apart.
4. I did do some things different from the original recipe. Instead of pulling the chicken out of the slow cooker when it was done and then shredding it. I just took two forks and shredded it right there in the slow cooker.

This is what it looked like ( I know it does not look very appealing) but I have a feeling you will change your mind :).
5. After all that was done I warmed the tortillas, put lettuce, sour cream, and cheese out to go in the burritos. And my family had a wonderful meal last night ( I was very happy with myself I am not going to lie) I think my middle daughter had one burrito but after that just kept putting more chicken on her plate.

This was super easy and it will be added to my cook book ideas. But one thing I did learn from making it was that other than using chicken and salsa I strayed from the original recipe and kind of made it my own, and it still turned out wonderful.



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