Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I Learned This Week....

I have decided that Sunday is the day, to reflect on the past week and how I can make a change in myself, or the things I am most grateful for. So here is My Newfangeldness first post on "What I learned this week".

This past week has been an amazing week, but also a very emotional up and down week. I have always been the person who wants instant gratification and has no patients. I have struggled to try and overcome this area of my life, and every time I think I have it mastered, I am reminded that life is always about learning and growing and it is OK not to be a master at everything. Everyone conquers and overcomes different trials in life at different times and ways.

I have learned that even though I have hit a spot in my life that I have been able to not let many things upset or bother me. There are still some very sensitive areas and topics that I have a hard time just brushing it off. But at the same time I learned that holding onto hurt, anger, or negative feelings only causes more hurt and anger. Life is short and you never know what will happen, so just letting it go and moving on and learning from the experience is the better choice.

I have learned that starting this blog with a goal of turning it into a full-time business taking me where I want to go in life, is going to be a struggle and is going to take time. I have a friend, who has a craft type blog as well. Tell me that "she enjoys creating and has her best ideas, when it is not forced". As I thought about that, it really hit me that I am the same way. When I clear my head and just let go is when craft/sewing ideas, concepts, techniques, fashion ideas, decorating ideas, and all the creativity come spilling out.

As I start a new week, I hope I can carry what I have learned this past week with me only to better myself.

I wish everyone a good week :) and please feel free to leave a comment and share what you have learned or have experienced this last week.


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