Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ready to Wear Mix Up

Ok I just had to post this because it makes me happy when I look at it :)
About a year or more ago on pinterest I found this pin and had to try it!!
I believe the blog it came from was

I read the tutorial that they had on how to put it together. But as you can see they have a short sleeve shirt, and I wanted long sleeve, plus there was a couple other things I wanted to change up a little. So I did just that and this is what my bow t-shirt turned out like:

I wish I had taken pictures of my process in making it, but at the time did not thing I would have my own blog :) But what I changed up was:
1. The sleeve length of course
2. I also did more pleats on the neckline part
3.I did the actual bow way different than they did. When I did the bow, I just made sure the strips that I cut to pleat long enough that I could just tie it in a bow when I was done.
4. I believe they only sewed down the pleats on the shoulders. But I sewed the pleats down every two inches or so.

This is still one of my favorite shirts ( I think I will make a short sleeve one ).

I have two posts for tonight... My Super Exciting one is up next :) !!!!

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