Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giveaway extended

I know I posted this on my facebook page and spaced posting it on my blog :)

I have decided to extend the giveaway for the Decorating book tell midnight on Wednesday March 6th. I am still getting my feet wet, and have got so much good feed back on how to make it easier to enter the giveaway. So that will be my task for today, and I hope to see that My Newfangledness has some more entries by tomorrow night! Just as a little reminder this is the book I am giving away

You have the chance to enter your name in 4 times to win. The ways to do that are:

1. Make sure you follow my blog by clicking on the "join this site button"
2. Go to My Newfangledness facebook page and "like" it ( there is a facebook button that links you to it on my blog)

3.Leave a comment on your timeline on facebook with a link to My Newfangledness and comment on the giveaway or to just encourage your friends to check My Newfangledness out.
4. Also I am on Pinterest and have a button that links you to my page here on my blog as well, so follow it and follow me on pinterest.

Once you have done one or more of these ways to enter, please come back and leave a comment under the giveaway post about what of the 4 things you did and your contact information so if you are picked I have a way to get an email sent to you. ( Do not worry I will not use your email for anything other than the purpose to inform you of the win) Good Luck and please keep spreading the word. 

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