Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kamryn's Cheap Audrey Hepburn Room in the works!!

So with us moving and there being more rooms to furnish and being on a tight budget as is. I am always on the look out for good deals on things, especially garage sales,estate sales,rummage sales, you name it. It helps too that I like the more vintage look as well. So for the last three years we have lived in Peoria I have been collecting all this fun stuff from decorations to fun furniture that needs to be up-cycled. Jake (my hubby) would always give me grief about how messy the garage was and how we where going to use all of the stuff.
Well I am proud to say that this move has put almost all of the pieces I have collected to use. The best part about it, is that I have been collecting for awhile and when I bought them I got them for a price that fit our budget.
So since we are getting settled in a little more I thought I would start sharing some of these great items and how I have put them to use so far.

This was a fun find from goodwill that was $4! It still works and we had to put it in Kamryn's room. Yes I did have to show my children how to use the dials :)

Another piece I found that is in her room, is this fun scrolled vintage looking mirror. I bought this over a year ago at an estate sale on their last day when they do 50% off. I only paid $5 for it ( and it is a pretty heavy mirror, and fun as well)
These candle sticks I thought where fun and would look good in her room as well. I found them at a garage sale a couple of months ago. They where asking $2 each for them, but I got them to come down and I got both for $2. They where all white and I did not want to leave them that way,but did not want them all one color either. So I spray painted them with this aqua color, but I did it very randomly so some of the white still was showing. The spray paint cost about $4 ( but I have used it on other things as well )
can't forget the fun alarm clock! I found this at a Sun City garage sale, it still works but is missing a piece so if you set it you will have a not so fun time trying to shut it off. They where asking $5 for it, but because of its malfunction I paid $2 for it. 
Last but not least ( for now anyway) we could not start putting the room together without a picture of Audrey!! I found this in an antique shop not too long ago. It was by far the most expensive thing in her room so far, I paid $10 for it.
This is Kamryn's room so far. The black shelves we have had for a very long time, the doll used to be mine, the black sofa table I got a year ago for $10 and used it in our previous house. The room was already painted ( including the chalk board paint )we got the metal bed frame for $10 and the radio was her big Christmas gift. She also has a night stand that I will post pictures of later that I got over a year ago at an estate sale for $10 and just repainted it.
I am making the bedding and when that is done I will post it as well.Like I said we will keep adding as time goes but with the stuff that she has in her Audrey Hepburn inspired room for now cost me nothing when we moved in.If you add up what I have spent on the stuff over the last three years it is around $60. I do not know about you, but I don't think that is too bad.

I hope everyone enjoys what they see here and come check back tomorrow I will have more pictures up and have tips and tricks on how to get fun, cute, and good quality items for cheap.


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