Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Surprise!!

So for the last two or so months I have had to keep a secret ( which many of you know I am not good at)
At the beginning of the school year I nominated Kamryn's 4th grade teacher Mrs.Mretz for the silver apple award for being an outstanding teacher. She is the first teacher who really brought Kamryn out of her shell and be open and not afraid to discuss with others that she is completely deaf in her left ear. It has made a world of difference with her and she even decided to have the BAHA surgery done because of Mrs. Mertz influence. So today after a long wait of not telling anyone news channel 3 and their partners came out and awarded Mrs.Mertz with a silver apple trophy and a $500 check to go towards classroom supplies.
It is going to be aired on news channel 3 here in Arizona in a couple of weeks, so I will make sure to keep everyone updated as to the date and time.

Right to Left: Mrs. Little ( Principal), Kamryn, Mrs. Mertz, Ms Berhow ( Asst. Principal)

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